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The 5 Services to Avoid Plagiarism

This review is intended for those who have never dealt with plagiarism detection systems, but who are also going to deal with them in the future. Using a plagiarism detector where possible is smart, especially in a century where everything goes digital.

The review aims to provide insider information about every major player in the plagiarism detection market. This information will be quite helpful to those who do not really know what’s happening in the field of plagiarism detection and to those who would like to compare and contrast major plagiarism detection systems.

What’s Happening

The amount of information available on the Internet is growing exponentially. It is quite tempting for a student to rewrite some article from online for their paper. The problem is that they may be rewriting a rewrite. Their take on the article may then bring it to its original form and get the student accused of plagiarism. That is a classic scenario, and it happens quite often.

The fact that there are tens of plagiarism-detecting services online tells us that protecting yourself from plagiarism accusations is now more relevant than ever.

  • Copyscape. The service is most popular among webmasters, journalists and freelancers. They interact with texts to be published online the most, and they are the ones who need a reliable online tool to see if a certain text is original and not copied from somewhere else on the web. Copyscape is really cheap and simple. A more minimalistic interface design is hard to imagine. The problem with it is that it breaks the paper into sentences and then checks those. If a smaller part of the paper was plagiarized, the system wouldn’t detect that.
  • Duplichecker. The service primarily attracts high school and college students. The service is absolutely free, and there are no fees associated with the use. If you’ve never dealt with plagiarism detection, it’s definitely the service to try first. It’s free after all.
  • PlagiarismDetect. The service is relatively young, though it does have a lot of fans. Relative to Copyscape, PlagiarismDetect’s search breaks the paper into word combinations rather than sentences. This makes the search more profound. The service is preferred by students, though teachers also use it. The search is based on Google’s API, and essentially the service tells you whether any part of the checked paper was copied from somewhere on the web. The service has two pricing plans. You can either pay 10 or 50 cents per one-page scan.
  • TurnItIn. Ever wondered how teachers find plagiarism in their students’ works? They use TurnItIn for the most part. They love it because the system submits checked papers into a database. Once a paper is in a database, it can no longer be used in an academic setting. If someone tries to present it as their own work, it will show up as plagiarized. Educators are really relying on this database, and you wouldn’t want your work to end up in it before you get your grade.
  • Plagscan. The service attracts customers with its flexibility. You can use it online, and you can also get a desktop app to use it locally. The service offers a free trial and normally costs $16 a month. Both teachers and students use it, and the search is API based.
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